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Barking Heads

BH big foot

Kong toys

AATU 80/20 dog food

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Cat litter

Dr. Elseys
Cat´s Best

Cats Best Sensitive 8ltr Price 1.813 ISK
Beeztees LIFTY Litter Scoops Prices from 291 ISK Litter scoops - two colors.
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Cats Best Smart Pellets 10ltr Price 2.689 ISK Mini-Power-Pellets. LOWER TRACK EFFECT – Ideal for long-haired cats.  Doesn't get carried out of the...
LOLO Multicat Classic - Bentonite 4,5ltr Price 1.330 ISK ​Odorless - harmless to humans and animals - perfectly absorbs liquids and odors. Almost dustfree....
Vitapol Silicone Litter 3.8ltr Prices from 1.490 ISK Dust free silicone litter, one bag lasts one cat for about a month. 3.8L.
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Dr. Elsesy ULTRA - 10ltr Price 2.750 ISK Hard Clumping, Easy Scooping, Superior Odor Control, Natural Ingredients, 99.9% Dust Free. Looking...
Dr. Elseys ULTRA SCENTED - 10ltr Price 2.750 ISK 99.9% Dust Free, Low Tracking, Superior Odor Control , Hard Clumping, Moisture Activate Scent.  Ult...
Dr. Elseys CLEAN TRACKS - 10ltr Price 2.750 ISK Low Tracking, Multiple Cat Strength, Hard Clumping, Unscented, Natural Ingredients. Want to stay...
Beeztees Odour Neutralizer Price 762 ISK Odour neutralizer with lavender fragrance 750gr.
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