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Brushes and combs

Christies Direct Pro Curved Soft Slicker Brush Prices from 1.282 ISK Soft grade curved slicker brushes which are ideal for everyday grooming and especially for soft coat...
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Christies Direct Pro Curved Firm Slicker Brush Prices from 1.282 ISK Firm grade curved slicker brushes with long and short alternate pins which are designed for demattin...
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Christies Direct Pro Ball Pin Slicker Prices from 1.589 ISK Soft Pad Slicker which has ball pins to save the coat & skin. Ball pins help protect sensitive or de...
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Christies Direct Pro Triangle Soft Slicker Price 1.171 ISK The Groom Professional Soft Triangle Slicker is ideal for getting into those awkward areas. Blue rub...
Beeztees NailClipper Grey Price 1.231 ISK Suitable for cats and small animals.
Christies Direct Professional Tick Remover Price 911 ISK Ideal for all animals.  Effective in removing ticks. Made from Stainless steel wire. To Use: Br...
Christies Direct Professional Matt Breaker 5-Blade Prices from 1.476 ISK Dematting skill is something that is developed with practice over time, much like scissoring and sty...
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Christies Direct Pro Small Pet & Puppy Nail Scissor Price 1.172 ISK Small nail clipper suitable for cats, puppies and small animals.