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HALTI Pet Corrector Prices from 2.688 ISK The Pet Corrector™ emits a hiss of compressed gas which produces a broad spectrum sound (white noise...
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HALTI No Pull Harness Prices from 4.277 ISK The No Pull Harness is an instant solution for dogs that pull when walked. The elastic webbing an...
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HALTI Headcollar Prices from 3.430 ISK The HALTI Headcollar Stops Dogs From Pulling. Its unique design works by gently steering the head an...
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HALTI Retractable Leads Prices from 2.753 ISK The HALTI Retractable Lead gives freedom to dogs when walking and reassurance to the owner by keepin...
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HALTI Comfy Harness Prices from 2.663 ISK The Comfy Harness is what it says it is – a comfy harness which is suitable for walking your dog eve...
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HALTI Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Prices from 1.780 ISK The patented Baskerville Ultra was designed by Dr Roger Mugford to protect against bites but at the...
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CLIX Retriever Price 1.895 ISK The Retriever is the ultimate retrieval training device because the dog has to return it to his owne...